We are a traveling photo studio based out of Dallas, TX that provides instant party pictures at YOUR next event. We do weddings, birthday parties, graduations, brand marketing, launch parties, prom parties, corporate events, shows, conventions, anywhere we can setup and take awesome photos!

Not all booths are created equal. Each booth is brought to the event and manned by a trained operator. Setup time is usually about thirty to forty five minutes but we like to be ready to go an hour before the start of the event.

Because of our innovative booth design, we can accommodate guests that came stag and those that brought the party. Guests find a spot in front of the camera press a button, its that easy. The countdown starts and the professional camera takes four pictures, four seconds apart. At the end, guests exit and their picstrip is printed in approximately one minute.

Somewhere between 45 and 50 sittings per hour seems to be the average per booth. This can handle around two hundred sittings in a four hour period. Larger events or events which are shorter time periods should consider booking multiple booths.

The booth requires a little elbow room. Give us an 8' x 6' space on your floorplan for best results. A high traffic area where everyone knows we're there is the best. Don't forget we need a place to plug in.

Delivery and take away of the booth is included in every rental. Our booths are set-up with plenty of time before your guests arrive. And once we are set up... we look good!

Our booths were designed for weddings and events. They work hard, print fast, and produce lots of laughter! An added bonus to the booths entertainment factor? A unique event favor that your guests will love for years to come! Speaking of guests... Not only do our photo strips make excellent event favors, they also make beautiful additions to a guest book.
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